lundi 30 avril 2018


Just a selection of the best (or most interesting) portraits I made so far. 

Jean-Paul Belmondo (actor/France)

Gérard Depardieu (actor/France)

Elie Wallach as Tuco in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (actor, USA)

Jack Nicholson (actor/USA)

Louis de Funès (actor/France)

Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in The Godfather (actor/USA)

Dennis Rodman (basketball player/USA)

Nina Simone (singer/USA)

Xzibit (rapper/USA)

2 Pac (rapper/USA)

Outkast (rappers/USA)

Frida Kahlo (painter/Mexico)

Charles Bukowski (writer/USA)

José "Pepe" Mujica (former president/ Uruguay)

Maria Paola "Mapa" (stage actress/Italy)


vendredi 30 mars 2018

North Sea Melancholy

As a kid, I went many summers on holidays in the South of France. I can very clearly remember this unique Mediterranean light. As a grown-up, I'm still very attracted by it, like a huge insect flying around a lamp. Nearly 30 years after my last trip to the South of France, I keep seeing the Mediterranean like my natural habitat. Most of my life, I've been staying away from "cold or/and northern places" while travelling. So you can imagine how strange that was for me to meet the North Sea for the first time. During a grey autumn. Surprisingly, that was beautiful. The beaches, the villages, the towns all have that strange feeling of melancholy and loneliness. We felt like they where places out of space, time out of time. Landscapes were like  weird paintings full of emptyness. Emptyness, but optimistic emptyness. Like black and white drawing books pages waiting for colours. Empty pages everyone can fill like he/she wants. Empty pages waiting to be filled with colourful dreams. Pure poetry. 

That was the low tourist season, so even amusement parks were communicating this feeling of mysterious emptyness.

Houses, dogs, people or even paper planes were contributing to increase that feeling of loneliness. A beautiful loneliness. The few human beings and animals we saw were like ghostly apparitions disapearing as quick as they arrive.

And those colours painting a picture more perfect than the most perfect paintings : beige, turquoise white and teal. 

As an artist, this is impossible not to be inspired by such a captivating atmosphere. I started with a collection of collages...

...and then paintings. Among them, one of the few I made using watercolours. Years later, it appeared that was quite a good idea, since this is the first work I sold to an unknown. 

Then came a second watercolours painting plus other ones made using the technic I'm the more comfortable with : acrylic.

mardi 20 février 2018

Strange Totem

Totems. One of the strongest symbol for anthropologists like me. Or better said : "for people who have a degree in anthropology and boast saying they are anthropologists even if they aren't really anymore". This first painting is one of the few that takes place in Switzerland. Most of my inspiration comes from foreign places where I've been (Asia or Latin America mostly) or I'm dreaming of visiting (Africa). This one is different : we can see on the background what is (or looks like) the most famous mountain of my homeland : the Matterhorn. But this isn't the only "Swiss made" on this painting : on the right stands a kind of totem that directly comes from Paul Klee's art. As you may (not) know : he was a German painter that was born and spent most of his life in Switzerland. I added on it a "spoon of mexicanity" with the skull and the bright colours.

The "real" Matterhorn apearing like unreal on a picture I took in Zermatt :

An invitation to climb it (or not) :

Years later, my fascination for totems came back on three more paintings with diverse landscapes. The first one represents three "Matterhorn-like" mountains, but obviously doesn't take place in Switzerland as we see Asian temples. On the three of them, I'm playing with transparency and with the contrast between transparent figures vs opaque ones (especially on the last painting).

Then why this fascination for totems? Because they are a perfect fusion between human beings and trees. They imitate the shapes and the features of human being. And at the same time they stands with the wisdom and serenity of trees. They stand for ages on their place, without moving. Completely indifferent to the world around them. For me, they symbolize a quiet force that care for us or the place they stand on (at the entrance of villages in South Korea). They are like the "apus" (the spirits of the mountain) in Andean culture : a very strong caring force that can get angry at you if you don't respect it. It's a kinda metaphor for nature and its force. In a certain way, totems and mountains are fellow creatures.